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I'm working on many paintings right now, none of them are completed. I'll show you what I have when I call it a day, tonight. I had an amazing experience this week. I went to Oklahoma to take care of my daughter and 3 grandchildren. When I boarded the plane from Austin to Dallas I sat next to a gentleman whom I thouroughly enjoyed in conversation. (Having spent 25 years in stocks, bonds and banking, I enjoy business talk on occassion) I must have asked him every business question I had had in the last year. Our conversation was lively - he indulged my barrage of questions and I enjoyed his answers. Well..., on my return flight from Dallas to Austin, I was assigned a seat that was again right next to a new friend. I hope he enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. I am a real encourager, most often a good listener. I found myself on the return flight doing most of the talking and he was a very good listener. When I got to Austin and was able to reflect a bit, I realized that he had said things to me that I often say to others for the purpose of encouraging them to keep working towards their dreams. I appreciate being the recipient of those same words. Thank you seat 6E :~)

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