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I have said before I love attention. I think that is one reason I enjoy painting the pet paintings so much. I’m a fine art artist so I paint them with the same professional ability I paint landscapes or figures or character studies of people. Often I like to go to parks where people walk their dogs and I set up and I paint. This almost always gathers a crowd off and on through the painting. More people want to know how I paint the painting than want me to paint a painting of their dog but never the less I enjoy the attention. This is just the beginning of one I'm working on. This shows a bit about the "how I do the paintings"., hey the worse thing that can happen is people will talk about me and my art, from where I’m sitting that can’t be a bad thing.
Come see me next Saturday March 15, 2008 at Pet-A-Paloo2a at Crestview Baptist Church in Austin Texas I'll show you this painting finished.

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