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Saturday Plein Air 8x10

Up early on Saturday morning I have started going straight to my favorite spot on Ronald Reagan Blvd. It is safe, in the shade and the bicyclers say hi to me as they past by. Anyplace I look I find something to paint. This is the same place that I found the lovely Longhorn I painted for the return of UT students. It was a perfect paint morning. I had to move once because of the fire ants but I have learned how to outsmart them long enough to complete a small Plein air painting. I hope you enjoy the view over my shoulder picture. When I paint out I'm not trying to render a painting of the exact view. It has more to do with picking the shapes and the impression, sometimes it is the inspiration of what I first saw that made me want to paint that scene. I find accomplishing a good painting "En-pleain-aire" to be one of the hardest things to do. So much beauty to choose from and you can't put everything into one painting even if I could do a good job of a copy of God's creation at that spot.

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