Kathleen McElwaine


Neighborhood Morning Glories Water Color 5 x 7

Capital Metro Bus 983 Painting
I look forward to my time in the morning on the bus. When I first started painting on the bus I could paint all the way to the UT Campus without anyone sitting down in the seat next to me. The students are back and the price of gas is is high. Now by the time we stop the second time the bus has people standing in the aisle solid. I try to finish the painting before that happens. I am painting more and thinking less. Probably a good exercise for me. I have noticed my oil paintings are becoming more spontaneous. I hope you enjoy looking at the Morning Glories. I'm not claiming that I am a Morning Glory but I always think of myself when I see them in bloom. I really am a morning person - I always have been. Thank you Daddy for all the feeding the horses time together. I need to remind everyone that my paintings are for sale, including the Austin, Capital Metro Bus Paintings.

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