Kathleen McElwaine


The Pond 14 x 18 Oil Painting by Kathleen McElwaine

I am spending all my time it seems finishing paintings - not starting the ones that I have stored in that place in my mind that I store paintings. I guess it is someplace on the right side of my brain. I just know that you and I will never see the paintings that are there if I never get them painted. Hey that is pretty exciting to me. I can't wait to see the next painting. Thanks for looking at my paintings. This one is not for sale. It is a painting of the pond at "the family compound" previously called "therapy hill". My daughter , son in law and grandson live there and both of my sisters and families live there. I do a painting on occasion for my daughters to have - this is one of those. You can always see my paintings at www.kmcelwaine.com

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