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I painted this yesterday from a photograph while showing my paintings at the Leander Texas Fall Festival. I found the comments the children made while watching me fun to hear. I start out with lots of color all over the canvas. The color is in the value range of what I see in my subject but the average eye does not pick up any shape. As it took shape the children had more confidence that my painting would in the end look like the baby longhorn in the photograph I was painting than the adults did. When I finished I had a wave of children show up to see. I heard many statements like "Wow it really worked". I think I was among great artist in the making - what do you think?
Thank you for looking at my paintings. I hope you enjoy and I hope you are worshiping someplace today. My buspainting today is a wc longhorn take a look if you have another minute. www.buspaintings.blogspot.com

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