Kathleen McElwaine


LongHorn # 4 12 x 9 Oil Painting

I have set for hours watching many different animals. They all have individual ways of moving but usually you can detect some similarities in the breed. Longhorns seem to stay very aware of the distance of their horns unless something itches or they are trying to reach something that they want to eat, just out of their reach. This one had been going towards the back of the pasture I was painting in. I was trying to get any of the herd to turn around and look at me - I whistled - I saw a performance of about face from this one. You can't be sure what is going to happen when you whistle that one seemingly universal whistle that says come and get it. But for the sake of a good painting I'll try it.
Please take a minute and read the interview with my dad at Story Corp. It is titled Dick Bardons Pawn Shop. It was posted 11/6/08


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