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My habits are changing to reduce my carbon foot print - are yours? I hope you enjoy. Have you visited My Etsy Shop? http://www.buspaintings.etsy.com Have you visited my web page lately? http://www.kmcelwaine.com I think I have it all updated. Art and written content copyrighted by Kathleen Kendal McElwaine. All rights reserved. Please contact me by going to my web-site www.kmcelwaine.com for more information.


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I worked on this painting a bit more. I wanted to see if the difference could be spotted. Any comments? I have decided to give a watercolor painting away to everybody that discontinues this blog and signs up to receive http://buspaintings.blogspot.com/

You will need to send me your mailing address. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. You can send me an email with your mailing address or go to my web page and send it to me from my comment page. http://kmcelwaine.com/


Blogger decision has been made -

I am going to keep my buspaintings.blogspot.com I am not going to keep this (my daily painting) blog. I received good advice yesterday and to the best of my ability I have done what was suggested. If you have any comments you would like to share with me please go to my website http://www.kmcelwaine.com/ and click on the contact the artist link. Or many of you already have my email - I will be discontinuing using the aol account very soon so please replace it with my ymail address. I will be sharing both my oil paintings and my watercolor paintings from this blog. I will be sending an email to each of you that have not signed up on my buspaintings.blogspot.com blog asking you to complete that request to be added. It will just take a minute of your time and you will be able to continue to receive emails with images of my oil paintings as well as seeing my water color painting images. Thank you for staying with me on this internet adventure. I am looking for time to get my web site up to date with all my available paintings and a e-store that any of my paintings may be purchased. Please stay in touch and thank you for following me in my paintings. Kathleen



Lazy Days of Summer II 12 x 24 O/C

This is the second time I have painted this painting. This one is larger and reflects my knowledge and ability at this stage in my painting career. When I first did this painting it sold within a few hours of being displayed. I had had prints made of it. Each time I look at the print I think what a wonderful painting it is and how I would do it different. Let me know if you would like for me to display an image of the original painting. I have new lights in my studio and I know I don't have them just right for photographing my paintings. I'll keep working on it but you can take my word for it this is a great painting. If you are interested in buying it send me an email soon, I will then discuss the price. kmcelwaine@ymail.com


5x7 WaterColor and 8x10 Oil Painting

I don't often post the same thing on both of my blogs but I wanted you to see the same hillside. One in WC one in Oil, both done by me. Let me know what you think. Kathleen


Turning Heads 15 x 24 Giclee

Watercolor has become my Daily Painting medium of choice. My Oil Painting time, studio and plein air, is mainly on weekends. I am observing that this is proving to be good for my productivity of high quality art.

I painted Turning Heads in 2000 and it was sold. Before I delivered it to the buyer I had it imaged so I could have giclees (prints) made. It is available 15 x 24 giclee on canvas or on paper. If you are interested please send me an email.


Poppy Play 12 x 16 O/C

It does not need to be spring for me to paint flowers and I am glad!


Compilation 8 1/2 x 11

My accumulated knowledge of color, shape, and the medium being used, on occasion, can take a backseat to creativity. I find when I paint these faces I am letting that happen. I have framed each individual original painting with a large black and white matt and framed in a 20 x 16 frame. They look pretty impressive this way - just the way each of us is pretty impressive when we get it together and go forward with our hopes and dreams!
Each 7 x 5 painting takes on personality and a strength of its own. I have been told they would make good wine bottle labels, or they are fairies or sprites. A few people have seen these and asked for a price. My goal - 100 faces - then I will know how to answer the price question. Who are they to you?


Me to! 11 x 14 O/C

I take pictures of pets because I'm inspired by the pets personalities. This little guy waited for the attention to be tuned towards him. Boy was he a happy dog. This painting is available $300.00. That includes shipping - let me know you are interested kmcelwaine@ymail.com
It is a very nice painting if I may say so myself.
Thank you Kathleen


LongHorn # 4 12 x 9 Oil Painting

I have set for hours watching many different animals. They all have individual ways of moving but usually you can detect some similarities in the breed. Longhorns seem to stay very aware of the distance of their horns unless something itches or they are trying to reach something that they want to eat, just out of their reach. This one had been going towards the back of the pasture I was painting in. I was trying to get any of the herd to turn around and look at me - I whistled - I saw a performance of about face from this one. You can't be sure what is going to happen when you whistle that one seemingly universal whistle that says come and get it. But for the sake of a good painting I'll try it.
Please take a minute and read the interview with my dad at Story Corp. It is titled Dick Bardons Pawn Shop. It was posted 11/6/08



One of the family 24 x 18 Oil on Canvas

This painting is a commssion - let me know if I can do a painting for you. The details can be found on my web page


Election Year 7 x 5 WC on paper

We will know the results of our choice today.


Fall Sunset 12 x 24 Oil on Canvas

I really enjoyed painting Fall Sunset. I have been painting small water color paintings of the sky and land almost every morning in watercolor and picturing being able to have an opportunity to paint this one in Oil.
This is a commission so I can't offer it for sale but if you are interested in one such as this - I am easy to hire!


LongHorn III 9 x 12 Oil/CB

I'm in!
Spirit gift shop at AT&T Hotel & Conference Center on University of Texas campus at Austin is now displaying my paintings of LongHorns.
Framed 9 x 12 original oil painting $500.00
Unframed 9 x 12 giclee print $150.00
I will try to get back in the habit of posting my Oil paintings to this blog. If you want to see my watercolor paintings be sure to sign up on my BusPaintings Blog -
Thank you. Kathleen McElwaine


Justa Geranium 7 x 5 WC/P

Robert and I had our open house yesterday. My friends from my office came over and took care of the food and Robert and I were able to visit. At times there were so many people in our house we could not talk to everyone. We are very loved by many. What a perfect day it was to open our home. Today is Roberts birthday - it is the day the Lord has made!
Thank you, Kathleen


Buncha Blackeyed Susans 8x6 WC/C

Robert and I are having an Open House / Art Show on Sunday. If you can come please do. Give me a call and I will give you directions.
Most of the Bus Painting's are 5 x 7 or 6 x 8, small enough to sit on my lap while riding the bus. It is getting to the point, if you are interested in one of the paintings I post speak up because they are being put in an envelope and going fast.
I hope you enjoy Buncha Blackeyed Susans the Hill Country flowers are going fast also with the cooler weather.
Send me an email kmcelwaine@ymail.com
Thank you, Kathleen McElwaine


UT OU weekend 9x12 Oil painting

I really enjoy painting this wonderful animal.
Thank you for all your comments. I won't stop painting oils or watercorlors. I will continue to share both on my blog.
Happy Friday! Kathleen


She is Up! 8x5 watercolor on paper

I have a question and I would very much appreciate everyone that sees my blog to comment.
Do like seeing my watercolors from my buspaintings best or my oils?
When you send me a comment it goes to my email - either
Thank you, Kathleen


Keeping Green Trees

Keeping Green Trees may have a home. When I paint on the bus or in the airport I usually don't have anything planned. I just start painting. Sometimes I have a color that is perfectly ready for me to use.
I find time everyday to paint these little watercolor paintings - and I'm beginning to sell more and more of them. Some are 4x4 some are 8 x 7. I have matted a few when I delivered them they are ready for a frame. Let me hear from you if you are interested in one of them.
visit my web site http://www.kmcelwaine.com/
Thank you,


Airport Sunflowers

Thank you for your words of concern for my sister. I am back and trying to get back into my routine of posting my paintings.
I painted this one while on the flight from Austin to Tulsa last week. Painting the small watercolor paintings is giving me opportunity to play with design - I find it very satisfying.


Sunset 10112008

My family is experiencing a great loss. My younger sister woke up yesterday morning to find that her husband of just a few short months had died during the night. I will be going to be with my family in Oklahoma on Tuesday.
I pray that you can get up right now and go hug someone that you love. My sister and her husband were still experiencing the honeymoon stage, with all the great hopes and dreams of the future together, but we should all try to keep our relationships new everyday.
Kee The Faith!


Unconditional Love 8 x 10 Oil Painting by KMcElwaine

This is the other painting I mentioned. I really enjoy these commissions. It is very affordable to have me do a painting like this for you. I have many happy customers that give me repeat business. Send me your photos I'll give you a suggested size and format and price. To learn more visit my web site
click on the Pet Portraits tab on the left side of the page. Also please visit my painting on the bus blog for a real change of style -
I would love to hear what you think.


A good friend 8 x 6 Oil painting by Kathleen McElwaine

The person that commissioned me to paint this painting picked it up yesterday. She cried when she saw it. She misses this much loved cat very much. I was happy that she was happy with the painting but sad that it made her cry. I did another painting of her with the cat. I'll show you tomorrow. I could tell this was a special friend to her the whole time I was painting it. Thanks for looking at my paintings. www.kmcelwaine.com


Pet Portraits by Kathleen McElwaine 8 x 10 Oil painting on Canvas Board

I learned to paint by painting the animals at my house. My first drawing instructor insisted I draw something else - I drew plants and flowers. My next instructor taught me about drawing faces. I have never received serious instruction on landscapes. I receive many orders for Pet Portraits, repeat customers, referrals from past customers and a few pet supply stores and many vets seem to tell people about my paintings. My prices have gone up over the years but mainly I keep it simple for me so I can keep my price down. All it takes is for you to send me a photograph that you like of your loved pet and a little information about your pet, including personality and eye color. You can learn more about the process by going to my web site www.kmcelwaine.com Then click on the tab on the left that says Pet Paintings.


Blended Color 5 x 7 water color by Kathleen McElwaine

I'm going to see if I can have this little 5 x 7 watercolor printed on a front door welcome mat. If you would like one let me know.
Painting on the bus is the only way somedays I get to paint - but I'm glad I'm painting. Thanks for looking.


I painted this yesterday from a photograph while showing my paintings at the Leander Texas Fall Festival. I found the comments the children made while watching me fun to hear. I start out with lots of color all over the canvas. The color is in the value range of what I see in my subject but the average eye does not pick up any shape. As it took shape the children had more confidence that my painting would in the end look like the baby longhorn in the photograph I was painting than the adults did. When I finished I had a wave of children show up to see. I heard many statements like "Wow it really worked". I think I was among great artist in the making - what do you think?
Thank you for looking at my paintings. I hope you enjoy and I hope you are worshiping someplace today. My buspainting today is a wc longhorn take a look if you have another minute. www.buspaintings.blogspot.com


Not A Lone Tree

I love trees. This is the painting I posted on my BusPainting.blogspot.com today. I invite you to go read it. Bus paintings give me a chance to finish a painting everyday. Working in my studio time is much too scarce these days. I hope you enjoy.


Friday evening at 7:30 Leander Texas will kickoff the 8th Fall Festival with a street dance. On Saturday we will have lots of food, crafts and activities for the kids, music, artist and artisans in booths showing and creating their art. Chili Cook off, Cake walk, Cajun Cookin, Raffle Tickets. Sounds like a good time to me! I will be in Pat Bryson Hall at the Fine Art Exhibit right there on the town square. I will be painting in my booth and will show my Longhorn paintings and Flowers, some of them bus paintings. Come on out - I'm looking forward to meeting you.Kathleenhttp://www.leandercommunityclub.org/


Dancing in the Light 18 x 18 Oil Painting by Kathleen McElwaine

This is complete and will be available the first of November. Let me know if you are interested by sending an email to kmcelwaine@ymail.com
Thank you for looking.


Ike formed clouds 14 x 18 Oil Painting by Kathleen McElwaine

I'm almost finished with this painting. I really like how it is going. The clouds really looked like this - with the line going to the right but I'm thinking I'll break that up a bit. As it is it might cause the viewer to look right out of the painting. I would enjoy your comments on this coming from a viewer or from fellow artist.
Thank you for looking. Have a great Day.

I have a new post on my Bus Paintings blog. www.buspainting.blogspot.com


Creativity Rocks! Painted on a 4 x 4 Ampersand clayboard, setting on a small easel total size 7 x 4

I have found a purpose for my Bus Paintings.
To learn more please go to
I do not know how to fix my bus paintings blog for signups so please just visit - I'll let you know if my brother in-law can help me get a sign up link on it.


The Pond 14 x 18 Oil Painting by Kathleen McElwaine

I am spending all my time it seems finishing paintings - not starting the ones that I have stored in that place in my mind that I store paintings. I guess it is someplace on the right side of my brain. I just know that you and I will never see the paintings that are there if I never get them painted. Hey that is pretty exciting to me. I can't wait to see the next painting. Thanks for looking at my paintings. This one is not for sale. It is a painting of the pond at "the family compound" previously called "therapy hill". My daughter , son in law and grandson live there and both of my sisters and families live there. I do a painting on occasion for my daughters to have - this is one of those. You can always see my paintings at www.kmcelwaine.com

The Gardner 16 x 20 Oil Painting by Kathleen McElwaine


Tried and True

I mention my father a lot in my blog. I grew up drawing and painting the horses in my life. At a very young age, maybe 5, I was given, Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy, a brown paper magazine style book. I drew everything Jon Gnagy taught in that book. The only drawings that I remember being excited and proud of were the pictures of the horses. They were drawn just the way Jon Gnagy taught me, horse head only.

This is a painting out of the past, my dad's best horse ever, Handy Man. I named the painting Tried and True because he was tried and true. My dad could do anything he needed with him: work cattle, ride for pleasure, or take 11 young children for a ride around the yard on his back. There is even a true story about Handy standing in a stock trailer going down the road, spradled over a ailing cow. Patiently waiting.

This painting was the first time I remember painting just what I saw. It consists of light and shadow, values, color, edges, and lines. In the end I can see Handy walking towards me, coming from the stall in the bright sunlight. I am still very happy with this painting. My dad owns it - it has a prominent place on his wall. I might point out to you this painting was not painted in Jon Gnagy style, it is more of the impressionist influence. We had some great horses over the years and I think I drew or painted them all at one time or another. I hope you enjoy.

Studio Grown 18 x 14

My Mother knows how to keep a home beautiful. We had flowers in the yard, we had flowers on glass plates hung on the wall. We had flowers on the pitcher and bowl in front of the picture window in the living room. I started painting flowers much later in life than I did the horses - but we grew flowers and plants. I looked at them and watched the plants start from seed. So I guess I have really observed the things I enjoy painting the most -

Thank you for looking at my paintings - I love sharing them with you. I also enjoy your comments.


Neighborhood Morning Glories Water Color 5 x 7

Capital Metro Bus 983 Painting
I look forward to my time in the morning on the bus. When I first started painting on the bus I could paint all the way to the UT Campus without anyone sitting down in the seat next to me. The students are back and the price of gas is is high. Now by the time we stop the second time the bus has people standing in the aisle solid. I try to finish the painting before that happens. I am painting more and thinking less. Probably a good exercise for me. I have noticed my oil paintings are becoming more spontaneous. I hope you enjoy looking at the Morning Glories. I'm not claiming that I am a Morning Glory but I always think of myself when I see them in bloom. I really am a morning person - I always have been. Thank you Daddy for all the feeding the horses time together. I need to remind everyone that my paintings are for sale, including the Austin, Capital Metro Bus Paintings.


Hurricane Ike's Clouds - unfinished 16 x 20

I have 5 paintings in one stage or another right now. I'm excited about everyone of them. I spent all my time this weekend realizing how short my easel time really is. Because of this short time available I think I work harder at making the time I have effective. It takes diligence and a lot of patience. But most of all it takes supportive family and friends. Thank you family and friends!

We have not heard from all of our family members that live in the Houston area. After Church I walked out the door and was struck by the beauty of the clouds that Hurricane Ike had sent our way. No rain but beautiful clouds. We need the rain. Hurricane Ike has disrupted so many lives - You are in my prayers. Thank you for looking at my paintings. Tomorrow I will post a pretty little watercolor of Morning Glories.


The Garden

This painting is not finished, you will see it again. I was ready to walk out the door to set up for a morning painting. First I needed to take Daisey for a short walk. When we, Daisey and I, stepped out the door I realized that even Leander is getting a lot of wind from Ike. Well, I will need to stay painting in my studio today but I wanted to post something for you. I really enjoy all your comments. My comments come as emails so they do not post on my blog. I like it better that way. It seems more personal to and for me. It gives me energy - Thank You!


Hillcountry Inspiration

There is an area around Kingsland that the river changes everytime I am there. It is always beautiful and I find a great deal of inspiration. Each time I am there I think of the feeling I had as a child on horseback. I rode the same places everyday, in Tulsa, OK, known as Green Country. Each time I would turn the bend in this one area that I called the woods I saw it differently. I think that was the development of what I have heard referred to as "Artist Eyes" The next thing I think is how grateful I am to my parents. I would not have had this freedom if my Mom had not allowed it and I spent this much time on horseback because my Dad is my Cowboy Hero. OK I'll try to refrain from childhood nostalgia. I hope you enjoy the painting. I sure enjoyed painting it. It is for sale.


Painting Daiseys while riding on Capital Metro Bus 983

I am finding time to paint but I'm not finding time to post to my blog - I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings.

Thank you Kathleen


Dancing in the Light 18 x 18

If you go to my Blog, Daily painting, (link below) Look to the left at the picture I have posted - I put a picture of myself in 1962 at my easel. I'm glad I have always worked at painting. Otherwise I would have never had the joy of painting this painting. I hope you enjoy "Dancing in the Light" I always welcome your comments. kmcelwaine@ymail.com


Tamale King In Route Oil Painting 14 x 18

On Sunday after Church my husband and I drove to Kingsland, TX to stay overnight with friends that have a wonderful place on the lake. They had worked very hard to restore a pontoon boat.
On the way to Kingsland, the way we go we drive by a great restaurant
Tamale King, Buchanan Dam, TX 78609. They have this wonderful Chevy truck parked out in front and once when we drove by they had blooming bougainvillea loaded in the back as if the truck had just been on the road. It seemed like a perfect painting. Available 14 x 18 $650 unframed.
We had a wonderful visit and oh the stars were magnificent Sunday night. We went for a late evening boat ride and ate dinner on the boat and then star gazed - can't get much finer time than that.


Saturday Plein Air 8x10

Up early on Saturday morning I have started going straight to my favorite spot on Ronald Reagan Blvd. It is safe, in the shade and the bicyclers say hi to me as they past by. Anyplace I look I find something to paint. This is the same place that I found the lovely Longhorn I painted for the return of UT students. It was a perfect paint morning. I had to move once because of the fire ants but I have learned how to outsmart them long enough to complete a small Plein air painting. I hope you enjoy the view over my shoulder picture. When I paint out I'm not trying to render a painting of the exact view. It has more to do with picking the shapes and the impression, sometimes it is the inspiration of what I first saw that made me want to paint that scene. I find accomplishing a good painting "En-pleain-aire" to be one of the hardest things to do. So much beauty to choose from and you can't put everything into one painting even if I could do a good job of a copy of God's creation at that spot.


Outside Dog 8 x 10

Everytime I go to this friends house I gather a lot of material for paintings. They live high on a ridge over looking beautiful Texas hill country. They have dogs and cats. Every one of these dogs and cats have personality that I learn a bit more about each time. This wonderful dog is just as happy as he can be. I think I captured that look of happiness. Thank you for looking at my paintings. Contact me if you would like, I would enjoy hearing from you. kmcelwaine@ymail.com


UT First Day of School Painting 18 x 24

Does anybody want to make a suggestion for a name for this painting? I have been told this is a great painting! I know I sure enjoyed painting it, Flowers one day, Texas Longhorns the next. I have never been able to settle down on one subject. That can be a plus or a minus for artist. I enjoy it more and you probably enjoy the variety but it seems the Galleries want a recognizable subject. This would need to be a subject that would identify me, my style. What can I say I just paint and I paint what I want to if I try to paint to sell - well I seem to stop painting. Even the commissions I receive are a good variety as well.